Cause baby’s crying may be completely different and inexperienced parents can be very difficult to understand your baby, especially in the early months – two. But, the main thing is not to worry, with time You will learn to identify what exactly is bothering the child.

Newborn won’t go quietly crying and wipe the tears, quite naturally, that almost always cry will be loud and persistent. The main thing that You have learned to determine what is within normal limits, and when it’s required to show the child’s specialist.

Be prepared that very often have to sort out the reasons for crying, plus could be that there are several reasons.

Let’s look at the major causes of crying and necessary action from Your side:

1. Hunger and thirst – is the most common causes of cry of a newborn. Don’t panic, just offer to eat or drink (if You already topiwale). Typically, the perturbation is accompanied by a search of the breast and sucking movements.

2. Crying at bedtime. The child is tired and wants to sleep or not enough sleep, or Vice versa does not want to sleep, and You’re trying to stack. Try to notice the signs of fatigue (tiny yawns, rubs his eyes and closes them). Swing on the handles, sing a song or just talk quietly. Review the routine for the child.

3. Wet or soiled diaper (nappy). Clean all dirty, tempted (or use baby wipes), and wrapped in net. If in time not to do so will result in problems with the skin and the screams will be much greater. Any skin changes should be reported to the pediatrician.

4. The need in the “communion” with my mother. Do not deny your rabeanco in love and affection. If You take his treasure in his hands, gently hug, kiss, to be able to talk or sing a song, You in any case will not spoil and will spoil the child, moreover, it is simply vital to young children.

5. Uncomfortable position. When the baby is not able to roll over, You need to make sure that the child is not a long time in one position (when awake and lying), but for sleeping babies safe is simply a pose on the back. Take the handles and not worry that baby will get used to it.

6. Improper care. If You are doing something wrong, for example, when bathing improper temperature, or swaddled too tight, or feed in an uncomfortable position. Make sure the correct care of the child. But no need to force-feed. And don’t forget to clean the spout, otherwise the child will be hard to eat or sleep, it can also provoke crying.

7. The pain in the tummy, associated with the accumulation of gas in the intestines or constipation. If You are breastfeeding – analyze your diet. If the feed mixture – follow proper cooking. Control correct thumb sucking Breasts or nipples. After each feeding, hold your baby upright for a while. Put baby on tummy. Can help massage the tummy and warm (tub with warm water or warmed diaper on tummy). Wear on your hands in a comfortable for the baby pose.

About it in any case, you must notify your pediatrician, who will prescribe medications are best suited to Your baby. I urge You here not to engage in independent selection of the correct medication.

BUT! If the child continues to worry after flatus and feces, the stool has changed (became stinking, slime, foam, greens, undigested), a fever, vomiting – seek immediate medical attention.

8. Cold or hot. When it’s cold: her cold nose, goose bumps, hiccups. Dress a little warmer or cover. When it’s hot: emerges pot, the spout is hot. Remove a piece of clothing with the baby and I need a drink can help another tub with a suitable temperature. Note that overheating for young children is very dangerous.

9. Teething. Many children in these periods often cry, including sometimes at night. Often when the temperature rises and becomes liquid stool, in this case it is better to consult the pediatrician. Many special cutters, with liquid inside, they can be a little cool (not freezing) and to give the child to chew. There are baby gel for gums that are temporarily anesthetize advice from the physician which You choose. Just in case You have a home should always be a children’s medication for lowering the temperature.

10. Child is sick, or another problem of a medical nature (including birth trauma). Cry, cry, baby kicks legs. No self-treatment. At the first sign of the disease immediately call your pediatrician at home.

11. Often children start to cry when you Wake up. There is nothing terrible: this age and will go away with time. Take a pen and something to wear, talk, Pat on the head.

12. Fright or fear. The baby may get scared and cry, for example, due to sudden loud noises, sudden touch of water. The child may be frightened by a stranger. Or the cause of the crying can be a nightmare. Try to show your child that You are nearby, and it is protected.

13. Negative experiences. Babies can cry, if improperly performed procedure, bathing, dressing or feeding. In these times try to do everything right. Don’t need to break the baby, to make it worse, and to force her to do what he is afraid, you should try negative memories to replace positive experience.

14. Resentment. A child can cry about this, for example, if You do not give what he asks. If it is a natural need or what “can”, don’t panic, just give. If that’s what the “impossible”, explain, and help to accept the refusal.

15. Something does not work. For example, wear something, or get something or to get somewhere. Here’s a baby needs Your help. Proceed as in the previous paragraph.

! It is important that just because babies don’t cry.

We cannot ignore the crying and trying to raise babies. When the baby cries and cries, he needs your help, either in the examination. Plus, in the period until the year the child develops the attitude of how he configured the surrounding world. So try not to scream and not do something with his power, because it’s bad for Your future relationships with the child.

If You have tried everything you can, but the crying does not stop for a long time, call a doctor or if it is off, then call an ambulance.

Parents very often accumulated fatigue and nervous strain from frequent screams. Parents are encouraged to help each other, and periodically gave time to relax, to spend it how I want to relax. Precipitation also plays a huge role.

Now I remember with a smile, as back in the hospital, having no experience of childcare, I’m confused asked medical personnel, for whatever reason, my daughter crying, because I have done all that is necessary: changed diapers, fed and put to bed for sleep.

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