What to do with the child in the country


Summer in the country – the time of tender sun, ripe strawberries and colourful butterflies. Remember the feeling when you come out of the city, breathe fresh air and, taking your shoes off, walk barefoot on fresh green grass. Moreover, the cottage is a great place to stay with the baby. Best childhood memories are associated with recreation in the country, whether it’s a fun romp on the grass, fresh milk or collection of fragrant wild flowers. But, at the same time, away from the city are easily bored. Something to take the child in the country ?

The introduction of the child with the local flora and fauna. In any city Park you will not find such a diversity of plants, as in the country. It is in the country the child can explore the world of nature in all its glory – to see, touch, smell. Tell him about the names and types of plants, gather together a beautiful bouquet and Zaschita it to preserve the memories of warm summer days.

Introduce your baby to the birds. You can play a fun game called “guess whose song” where you and the baby will take turns to learn the voices of birds.

Bring the child to the local pasture. Kid’s will love this zoo right next to it. Is it in the city you can see a real Cow, fluffy sheep and horned goat?

Armed with a net and start hunting for butterflies. Among the usual lemon yellow cabbage white you can find these beauties all possible and impossible colors. Count the dots on the wings of ladybugs, remember the fun nursery rhyme. From a distance you can observe the amazing work of industrious bees or listen to the sonorous songs of the grasshoppers. Just remember to release the insects out!

It is also important to remember that your baby can bother gnats and mosquitoes, so you should take care to protect the child from insects. For this approach child protective creams and sprays, for example, JOHNSON’S® Baby protective mosquito spray.

Launch a kite . In the city it is very difficult to find a lot of free and windy space. But in the country there is a large field, where the wind howled all day, and nothing limits the flight. The launch of bright kite will remember not only your child, but to yourself – so it is a beautiful and fascinating sight. By the way, a kite you can make with your own hands with the baby and paint it in any color of the rainbow.

Bathe! Swimming in the lake or the forest river can turn into a real adventure! Because lakes and rivers are separate worlds, where there are small fishes, wadomari, dragonflies, water lilies and water lilies. Rustic reservoirs can not only swim and sunbathe, but also to arrange these outings. Cheerful, but not too strong current of the river will help to bring an air mattress or boat and ride the light waves, playing brave pirates. Don’t forget a hat to protect your baby’s head from overheating, and sunscreen JOHNSON’S® baby SunCare with SPF 50+. protect delicate baby skin from direct sunlight. A small pond near the cottage, a nice way to learn how to swim – it is not too deep and it is such big waves, what are the sea.

Look after a garden and a vegetable garden. At the cottage you can not only learn about many new plants, but also learn how to care for them. Turn garden bushes in animals and build houses-holes for seeds. Watering the rows can be imagined funny cool rain in the summer heat. From the collected vegetables and fruits together to come up with new tasty and healthy summer dishes.

Engaged in needlework. Unleash your imagination! Even from ordinary cones, leaves, twigs, and shells to make turtles, creatures, dolls, boats and everything else you can think of. To consolidate the use of the composition thread, toothpicks and glue.

Write your own history. Nothing is as inspiring wildlife. After a dip in the lake or the river, you can come up with a new fairy tale about the little Mermaid. Visiting the forest, you can imagine the adventure forest residents are not worse than in “the Tower”. For the night baby you can tell your own, the most interesting tale.

Exercise. Plenty of space, fresh air and good mood in the country is all that is required of you and your child for an exercise. The fresh country air benefit from exercise even more. In addition, engaging with the baby, momma can get in shape after childbirth.

Arrange your own quest! Believe that they know all the nooks and crannies of the local village? The study area finding buried treasure can turn into a real adventure! Bury some sweet or toy surprise, make a card and together with the child go searching. A delight and a memory for life guaranteed.

Make a memorable photo shoot. N the country, one can find a picturesque and beautiful places for photo: green hill, haystack, wooden bridge over the river, a huge spreading tree and a variety of other options.

Of course, that not all classes are for the child in the country. Be creative, and you don’t have to think what to do with the child in the country . Pleasant Villa vacation!

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