Creating a situation of success in educational activity of younger schoolboys

The doctrine – the light, giving a person confidence in their actions and deeds. To acquire this confidence helps educational institutions of different types, one of which is school. However, we often hear from students phrases that Express a negative attitude in school. The child is going to an educational institution hopes to achieve recognition and expects to earn the love and respect from teachers and classmates. Wreck this bright optimism – the most serious problem of education. A child comes to school full of desire to learn. So why is he losing interest in their studies? Was this a school and its teaching methods? What role does the teacher? Whether the teacher is to create interest among students to the educational process and at what cost? Currently the answers to these questions are relevant to the education community.

For these and many other questions were looking for answers not only our contemporaries, but also teachers of the past. About how best to organise the children talked of K. D. Ushinsky. In his pedagogical essay “Labour in his mental and educational value” K. D. Ushinsky came to the conclusion that the only success supports the student’s interest and learning. The child will Continue reading

Homeroom on the theme "the Joy of communication".
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Tips for parents of Teens
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Thanks and her parents at the wedding
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