Tips for parents of Teens

Adolescence can be difficult and critical. In General is clear, in particular? In particular, it appears that it difficult in the first place for the adolescents themselves. These difficulties consist in the fact that this is a period of rapid sexual development, the difficulty in social interaction. Teenagers are in a dilemma. They are not yet adults but no longer children. Main activity of teenagers is communication with peers. In a team of classmates, friends, yard buddies, they’re all talking more and more about adult life. They want all to be like adults, boys and girls, especially clearly expressed in the exterior. Naturally change their behavior associated with the revaluation of values. Adult life taught them to be polite, honest, decent people. But now they understand that the adults themselves are imperfect. So they react violently to any falsehood from the adults. Adolescents are the whistleblowers. And to find an approach to the teen to make the relationship with the teenager trust, is required to consider a lot of details. The main thing for parents is to reach the level of cooperation with the teenager, although many parents are not ready. It is important to realize that the child grows up, and this process does not stop and does not change. Need to help a child become an adult. To make this process the least painful for him. Feature of adolescence is the passion. They willingly undertake for one thing and not bring it to the end, immediately finding a replacement, and throw again. This life, finding interesting things are not that other, as the desire to achieve success in. To be a little better in something than others.

Whether a teenager is difficult, largely depends on whether you have a family. We often treat our children aloof indifferent. With the work we carry home their problems, discussing unfair bosses or stupid colleagues. Sometimes we do forget or don’t want to ask the child how he feels that bothers him. And if we ask, we often are not ready to hear the truth, we start to condemn him. Many parents refuse to trust the child, provoking thus a lie. Some parents often barks at her baby, and then begin to wonder at his response, and with a vengeance. Why? Because accumulated. Think about what emotions your child accumulates more positive or negative? Because discharge sooner or later will happen. Think, how often do you tell your child that he’s not what he needs to feel that others are better. And often if a child is psychologically moving away from you, because each of us wants recognition, respect and love. The child will look for her in the company of friends more than with you. Think about what you wanted from your parents, being in their Teens, you may find for themselves some good advice on communicating with your teenage child.

Discuss the behavior, actions, appearance, moms and dads.

And constantly compare.

The result of this comparison will affect your relationship with your son or daughter.

It can be for you both pleasant and unpleasant.

Tip 1

If you do not want to lose face, start to prepare for this assessment as early as possible.

The main thing in your relationship with your child – understanding

To install it, you must take the initiative and not hold grudges.

Tip 2

Maintain children’s confidence in themselves, in their abilities, that even with certain flaws (which everyone has) they have their undeniable advantages.

Strategy parents to form a child’s position of confidence: “everything depends on me, in me the cause of failure or success. I can make a difference and change things if I cheat myself.”

Tip 3

Surprise – will be remembered!

Whoever produces a sudden and strong impression, it becomes interesting and authoritative.

The lives of parents, their habits, attitudes have a greater impact on a child than a long moralizing conversation.

Tip 4

You want your child to be strong and healthy?

Then learn themselves and teach him the basic knowledge about their body, about how to preserve and promote health.

Only a physical exercise, including in physical education classes, can mitigate the harm from hours sitting at a Desk. So do not rush to release the child from physical education.

And it is imperative that the child understood: happiness without health does not happen.

Tip 5

Take care of health of the child and learn along with him to play sports, go on holiday, go camping.

What delight feels the child from the usual sausage, roasted on the fire, from broken pieces of black bread, which was found in the package after returning from the forest where you gathered together the mushrooms.

A day spent in the garage with my dad for car repairs, seem boy holiday is more important than skating in the Park on the “coolest” attraction.

Not only miss the moment when this child is interesting.

Tip 6

How much time per week do you spend with your children? 1.5 hours per week.

Be sure to think about what will engage your child in hours, free from study and prep.

The teenager needs to know: time for idleness and boredom.

Tip 7

The desire of adults to avoid talking with children on some topics accustoms them to the idea that these topics are forbidden.

Evasive or distorted information causes children undue anxiety.

Tip 8

Not protect adolescents from unnecessarily family problems, psychological (even if there was a misfortune, someone’s illness or death, it tempers the soul and makes it more sensitive), and material (it teaches to find out).

The teenager required positive and negative emotions.

For successful child development is useful occasionally to deny him, to limit his desires, thereby preparing to overcome similar situations in the future.

The ability to cope with adversity helps a teenager grow.

The role of the adult is to help the child become an adult, teach him to confront reality, not to escape from it.

Tip 9

If you have already managed to make mistakes in parenting, you will be more difficult than in the beginning.

But if your pupil you will identify at least a modicum of good and will then build on this good in the process of education, you will receive the key to his soul and reach good results.

Tip 10

If you realized that you were wrong, disregarded the opinion of a son or daughter in any important questions, don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself first, and then the child.

And try not to repeat that mistake again. Trust is easy to lose, and to restore it long and hard.

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