At the age of one and a half to two years some children are overly active, but have a poor command of his body. Every five minutes they inadvertently something tilt, push, drop, drag. Be patient.

Shouts and curses you bring up in the child’s guilt. If the child sits quietly in a corner for hours is not normal. Please note, not he.

In the third year of life, your baby is becoming more sociable. It enriches your vocabulary, asks a lot of questions, repeats the words echoed willing to contact with others, engaging in dialogue even with inanimate objects. Your task is to talk more with the baby. Every person develops in communication than it is, the faster and development. Well, if your child attends kindergarten. His lack of communication, there is someone to develop speech and language skills. But if the child is “home”, then find friends, preferably around the same age. You will see what kind of success he will achieve in development.

At the age of 2-2,5 years the child is already running. Create the conditions so that he could move, to burn extra energy to practice muscles. Free for games the corridor, often bring a baby on the street.

As before, the child acquires many skills by imitating you and others of his family. Use this. Let the kid always sees what you do. You wash – though he will add you to restore order – and let the baby lay down in a corner of their toys. For fun “feed” the doll together.

Buy more colourful books with good pictures. Tell your child that they depict, what happens. At the same time teach your baby to relate to books. Some time later the child himself game to be able to repeat your story.

Pledge award

In Omsk the newborn girl was named in honor of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev — Media (with the accent on “and”). The unusual name has been registered in the municipal division of the registry office, reports the edition “Omskpress”.

Parents explain the choice of name for the daughter of his political sympathies. “Medvedev is the first truly liberal democratic President of Russia, – said the child’s father Sergey. – We long thought what to call our daughter. There would be a son, would have given him the name Dmitri. In the end, tried to reduce the “Medvedev” to an abbreviation and was a very beautiful female name.”

Parents do not want to think, how to react to them the idea of a daughter and what impact will an unusual name in her life. Note that the tradition to name children names-abbreviations originated in Soviet times. Then the country appeared MASSY (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin), Ramsy (revolution, electrification, world socialism). The Soviet tradition of actively revived in our time. Russian parents are already calling children by name Ulapool, which means “Vladimir Putin is our leader”, now to the list of unusual names were added to Media.

Raising an athlete

Two years ago, the family Filonovich long awaited child was born, a son, Alexander, who demanded greater attention. Wife Oksana and Michael – people sports, hardened, accustomed to daily physical exercise, so sleepless nights, crib toddler stood stoically.

Sasha from birth -the child is restless and very active. From the first months parents began to instill in him the sporty character. At six months a baby’s crib appeared first goal. This toy is loved by the toddler. Now in the collection there are ten balls of different sizes. Happy father proudly watches as son deftly cope with them as skillfully twists and holds in his hand a small size balls and surely has his foot on a large ball. Interesting for parents was the fact that walk, or rather run, pipsqueak began earlier than crawl.

To the delight of parents, Alexander grows sociable and kind. On walks, loves to play with other children. No problems coming to the other guys, hugging them, sharing their toys.

A year and seven months parents had to put her son in kindergarten. At that period in the band he was the youngest in age, but special problems adapting to his new team was not.

Lovers of an active lifestyle Filonova and son want to instill a love of physical activity. Recently bought a sachet skates, Michael and Oksana have no doubt that fidget can easily master them, and soon the whole family will be spending time at the rink.

The father, an avid football player and coach Shakhovsky football club, wants Alexander also preferred this sport. He plans to start practicing with my son since the age of three. Aged 4 to 10 years old children the basics are taught technical possession. Next comes the physical development of the muscles of the legs, arms. By the way, the football section, which leads Michael, frequently parents with a request to record children aged 4 and 5 years. But while this is not possible. Michael hopes that the construction of a sports complex in the village will solve this and many other problems associated with the introduction to the sport of young children.

Will be in the complex and the pool. Little Sasha loves the water. Apparently, the love for her was inherited from parents-

lei. Summer Filonova went to sea, and there Alexander, like a frog, floundered to the shore. To get him was not easy. Water treatment is very useful to kids and Filonova if possible, we go to the pool Lotoshinskogo of the sports complex. The delight and joy of Sasha from being in the water, there is no limit. And what could be more important for parents than seeing their children happy and healthy!?

What’s in a name?

In the last month of last year, the names given to newborns, were surprisingly different, unusual and very beautiful. In our list two Annes, two maxima and two of Daniel. The most “fruitful” day was December 9, when the light appeared three baby, and all the boys. We continue to print for parents translated names, the origin and – attention! – the day of the birthday kids. The name day is the day of the Saint, whose name bears the child and who becomes the patron Saint of a man. Before the revolution, and in our day, believers are Orthodox namedays are revered more than the day of birth. Patron Saint of a child appears only after the baptism! If someone from readers will find familiar names – give, please, the tenderloin with this material to their friends, probably, it will be nice. Maybe someone still does not know when the birthday of their child, and now will be their to celebrate.

MARGARITA is the pearl. Sign of the zodiac: Aries. Planet: Mars. Color name: steel, red, yellow. Lucky stone: lapis, jade. Celebrate a birthday: July 30 – Margaret of Antioch, Martyr.

EVE – life. Sign of the zodiac: Aries. Planet: Saturn. Color name: silver, blue, red. The stone-talisman: Sard, jade. Celebrating birthday in the week of the Holy fathers of the First Ecumenical Council (sixth Sunday of Easter).

CONSTANTINE – permanent. Sign of the zodiac: Virgo. Planet: Mercury. Color name: steel. Lucky stone: jade, Jasper. Celebrate a birthday: June 3 – Constantine the Great, equal of the apostles, the Emperor. October 15 – Constantine Arabeski, Prince, Martyr. August 11 – Constantine Kiev and all Russia, Metropolitan.

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