The Souls of the dead are constantly watching the lives of their loved ones

According to the beliefs of some occultists, the souls of the dead are constantly watching the lives of their loved ones. The invisible entity in the course of family problems, you know about the plans and Rodney even read minds. But especially interested in love Affairs…

Soul conjugal bed

Recently deceased American occultist and clairvoyant D. Gabrilovich believed that the bed of the lovers during the time of conception are returning souls of the deceased relatives, and they decide which will be the soul of the child.

Around that same religious teachings say some of the people of Polynesia and Indochina. In particular, in Polynesia believe that only from deceased family members depends, will lead this marital closeness to the birth of an heir or not. Therefore, the couples try to appease the souls of the ancestors of the various offerings which are laid out next to his bed.

The birth of a child is not just the fusion of male and female cells, but also for assimilation of the soul in a new body. During intercourse opens a channel through which the soul or an invisible ethereal essence, is a fetus and forms a man out of him.

It is believed that the souls of the departed in the world other relatives are responsible for the sex of the baby, for his appearance, character, ability and other things that will determine his future life. Each soul gives the fetus a part of his invisible body. Of these particles and formed a new soul.

Some of the entities can give the fetus more than others. If will be more generous relatives on my father’s side, the child will be more like dad, if mother’s side, respectively, on the mother. Often got the top side of the family. Then the child will go to one of his uncles or aunts.

It happens that someone’s soul is completely captivated the fetus. Moreover, it may not be related. The deceased is reborn in the body of the unborn child, and there is what is called reincarnation.

The old shaman in a new incarnation

Here is the story, written as a legend in the 1950s, the years in Siberia. The case was before the revolution. Russian wife-the settlers, being childless, went to the old shaman. They’ve come a long way through the forest, sought soubise, where he lived as a shaman, and told him of their trouble. He gave them amulets and ordered during intimacy to wear them, promising that in two years they have a boy. Indeed, within the specified time a son was born. The father came to the camp to thank the shaman, but he’s already been a year since he died.

Over time, parents began to notice in the form of a son Yakut features. When he grew up, went to the Yakuts in the camp, where once there lived an old witch. Soon everyone in the County acknowledged that they returned to their former shaman in a new incarnation.

The third bed was a Ghost…

In the late 1970-ies in the Belarusian village in one of the houses settled poltergeist: the small things was not in those places where they put, out of order appliances, and then started to work again, at night, heard footsteps and a cough, similar to a cough recently deceased grandfather.

Gradually become accustomed phenomena, stopped paying attention to them. And in the summer the house was allowed to live who you citizens — young couple. On the first evening during the proximity the spouses beside the bed there were footsteps, as though someone invisible were approached and stopped by my bed.

In the silence he heard somebody breathing, although the room is none other than the husband and wife, was not. Frightened, they moved to another room and the next day went back to the city. But since that night poltergeist phenomenon in the house stopped.

And nine months later the couple had a son. He grew up a little and began to talk about the events that are to happen with him could not: a boy betrayed episodes from the life of the deceased grandfather! To seven years of unusual a child’s memories disappeared, but over the years he became more and more like a dead old man. The boy was his exact copy — like in appearance, and in character.

Do not sleep with possessed!

In the old days in Russia it was believed that supernatural entities can affect the unborn child. For example, if the spouses during intercourse was watching the house, to be born a wizard, and if you watched the witch — a witch. All sorts of deformities and abnormalities in children were attributed to evil spirits that took the habit to interfere met people. Not long ago, news agencies reported the birth in China boy with 15 fingers on both hands. Subsequently, the mother admitted that during the time of conception of the child in the home was dominated by evil spirits.

Generally the influence of a poltergeist in the birth of the fetus, its formation and further development is still not completely understood. Have to rely on folk beliefs and religious teachings. And they mostly state that the performance of marital duties in the vicinity of the evil spirit is nothing good unborn child, not promises.

The same applies to intimacy with a man possessed by a demon. In the role of a spouse (or spouses) here, obviously, is not a person, and that invisible entity that came into them. The children resulting from this Association can be physical freaks or have paranormal abilities, but in almost all cases the effects of the demon child is negative. This issue is extremely complicated and is also practically not studied because of the scarcity of available and reliable material. But one case is described in medieval Chronicles.

Incredibly Horny devil entered the 75-year-old, so increasing its potency and at the same time changing the character — making a brazen and shameless that the latter-day don Juan became interested in the Inquisition. Did he conceive a child, the Chronicles are not reported.

“It’s you, Petrunik?”

The obsession probably occurred in the episode that occurred in the 1980-ies in Ukraine.

Alexander S. young woman who lost her husband Peter, who dearly loved. He tragically died. After some time she married again. After the first night spent with a new husband, Alexander confessed to his mother that constantly thought about Peter, but when the time came for lovemaking and was surprised how similar they were to caress Peter’s. In the end, she even stopped to realize who is lying with her in bed — her second husband or Peter. But it later emerged that the newlyweds almost didn’t remember anything from that night.

In normal times, the spouse of Alexandra was himself, but when it was time proximity, turned to Peter. Changed his voice, facial expression, the whole demeanor. On purpose to reproduce this is impossible, especially because the second husband knew first only through pictures. Sometimes, oblivious, the woman asked the lover: “Is that you, Petrunik?”. He replied in a voice of Peter: “me, me!”

Subsequently they had two children — a boy and a girl. In terms of both, according to those who clearly looked through the features of the deceased first husband.

Whether the current spouse of Alexandra S. examinations by a psychiatrist or psychics, we don’t know. Perhaps the spirit of Peter to Shakespeare only during intercourse, or maybe were in it constantly, manifesting itself only in those moments. What grew their children, history is silent.

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