The Impact of vegetarianism on the relationship between a man and a woman

This material on the impact of vegetarianism on the relationship between a man and a woman is the extract personal experience, analysis of own observations, seasoned with a sauce of philosophy with the addition of theoretical assumptions.

The impact of vegetarianism on the relationship between a man and a woman

For starters, let’s think together about how vegetarianism affects the relationship between a man and a woman? It may still affect themselves vegetarians, people who once made the decision not to eat meat. Moreover, the reasons for this decision can be quite different in each case.

For me, the motives of actions are the most interesting subject of study. Take, for example, vegetarians who stopped eating animals, to get rid of excess weight. Common case, isn’t it? Another decided that health would be healthier not to eat meat, that is quite logical and this view is common among herbivores. The third realized that it is impossible to love animals, and generally living creatures to use them for food. And the fourth realized that the purpose of life is not to achieve something material, but to grow spiritually. For his vegetarianism is a necessary condition for the development of consciousness.

We all know these motives, and I knowingly placed them in that order. The reasons for the adoption of vegetarianism can change, starting with the desire to have good health, to spiritual development and self-knowledge. Evolving, they begin to change human behavior. Thus, the relationship between a man and a woman depend on those reasons.

Here, the woman on the bike intensively pedal, rapidly leaving the extra weight and moving closer to a healthy lifestyle. She is a vegetarian. Been a year since her fridge ceased to be a pet cemetery. She is successful and the results of such a diet and the gym, its all the more inspiring. Which man will she afford to look for? Maybe she had someone there, but does not share her lifestyle?

In the first case, if the motives relate only to health and shape, the range search will be narrowed only vegetarians. But, in the last instance will be considered overweight gentlemen are not leading a healthy lifestyle.

If the explanation is going to change in a more subtle realm, then, do you think a vegetarian, in the consciousness which does not fit the possibility of eating parts cows, will be able to meet up with a vegetarian? Of course, to meet she can, but what is the prospect for such relations? That’s right, everything will be difficult, both for her and for him. BUT! If such women have the patience and humility not to blame the partner for violence at every meal, easy to cook their food, and methodically explaining its position, passing certain stages, understanding men can change and he will make for himself the idea of vegetarianism.

Such a relationship between a man and a woman – a rarity, but they are. It should be noted that this method is humble, calm of following the ideas of vegetarianism is the only successful way for a woman without harm to their mental and physical health to make a friend or husband a vegetarian.

Now look at the men vegetarians. By the way, they rarely become vegetarians wanting to lose weight. No offense to women will be discussed, but in my experience, when it comes to vegetarianism, the motives of men higher than women’s. However, good health and a normal weight and not lose their relevance.

Consider the medium mathematical vegetarian man. Take into account the fact that a man who is able to give up meat rarely smoke and drink alcohol. He usually slim, smart and has a “glowing phosphorus in your head”, because were smart enough not to eat anything that moves. Whom he will be looking for in a life partner? Maybe he came to this world already married? Then how will shape his relationship with his wife?

In the first case, when the life partner can not be found, the range of solutions is, of course, priority will be narrowed on the vegetarian. Yes, this will be the path of least resistance, but for men it is hard to maintain for a long period of close relations with those who do not share his ideas and worldview. Therefore, for the cases with non-vegetarian habits, Smoking and loving to drink, and if enough interest, most likely, not very long.

In the second case, when the wife is already available, and our medium mathematics became a vegetarian, all the more difficult. Much depends on the wisdom of both husband and wife, because in the medium of mathematical family basically prepares a woman. The woman will not be easy, because if she doesn’t want to destroy the family, she has to cook vegetarian food. Here the question arises, will she do for her husband separately, or have to do for the whole family. The last is completely dependent on men. Will he find the strength not to throw out the dissatisfaction of his wife for her different point of view? Will quietly, patiently adhere to its masculine, strong, convincingly explaining why it is not necessary to eat animals? If not, then hope in such a relationship remains only on the wisdom of his wife.

Summarizing all the above, I can say that the impact of vegetarianism on the relationship between man and woman, 100% is present. When a person refuses to murder, he becomes stronger internally, and if he can stay humble and keep his position, he will be able to help others become better. Not because it will teach them how to do it, and how not, but that will dispense the right example, and try to be honest first with yourself. My wife has a cousin. When I met him, he said he can’t live without meat. But a year later he called and said that I quit drinking, and became a vegetarian. Initially he laughed at this idea.

If in an existing family, one of the spouses becomes a vegetarian, then gradually, over time, the other spouse is also your first taste of this life and begin to stretch. The relationship between a man and a woman will become more harmonious. Of course, if the first be a man, then the woman will be easier to listen to him and follow him. If the woman to it first comes, it will have to have patience and humility, to cook for the husband of his regular food and to repeat at this time the names of God, and over time, the attitude of the husband towards life will begin to change.

In conclusion, we can say that if you are already a vegetarian, do not try to ridicule and belittle those who have not yet realized the importance of such a lifestyle and nutrition. Their consciousness is not yet ready to accept this idea and forced belief only further delay its adoption.

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