The code of the parent guarantee the unconditional love and acceptance.



1. Guarantee the unconditional love and acceptance.

Main motto: “WE love you as you are, always!”.

Never put your love to the child depending on his achievements of any kind: good appearance, winning the contest, getting great grades for the control or fives in a quarter!

Your son or daughter must be absolutely sure that your love for him is unconditional and absolute, and that you and all your family would be happy to see him successful, prosperous and popular.

2. Motivate on “achieving success”.

^ The motto: “We all rejoice in your success and progress!”

Repeating his baby, fleshing out exactly who all: all relatives, your friends and co-workers, neighbors, in General, all of whom you will depict his victory. “Imagine how you will admire. “Tanya, Ivan, list buddies child, whose opinion of him significantly. Add that ever after, “when you become an adult and famous, your friends will remember how you lived with you in the same yard, went to the same school.”

3. Exclude motivation “failure avoidance”.

^ The motto: “You will become who you want and can be.”

Common sense: everyone definitely has the talent to anything. In our time for success in any field need to be a professional high class. But this is impossible without computer knowledge

mathematics, native language, and what I learn in school. Try to do without horror stories like: “you will Be the losers – nothing will do, wouldn’t eat, etc.”, avoid using expressions like. “Watch, learn like a human, and not something. ”

4. Structuring the day, defining the schedule.

^ The motto: “Business before pleasure “.

From the first days try to install rigid enough sleep, wakefulness, and practice. Under no circumstances should you allow your child in the morning lying in bed, to do anything or lying poursuivis in the chair. Train the heir first, and potami to alternate activities – drawing, modeling, writing, reading, retelling, reading, physical exercises, etc.

It is also important to set a specific time to practice a type: for example, nightly reading and voicing opinions about what you hear, discuss important events that occurred during the day.

5. Respect the child’s personality.

^ The motto: “don’t worry, I’m with you!”

Common sense: “You have the right to an opinion and act, but we are always ready to listen to you and at any moment will come to you for help”.

Remember, your child is not ready, he’s already a full-fledged personality. Respect his wishes and aspirations. You had an honorable and responsible mission parents to accompany him at the beginning of a long journey, to Orient in a complex and contradictory world, help to master the most important science to effectively learn, work and communicate.

With the establishment of the personality of your child is a challenging and demanding project.

You will be in love, patience and wisdom!

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