Thanks and her parents at the wedding


Wedding – this is a wonderful celebration, which the couple is looking forward to. But not the less feel the excitement and their parents, the day their children are grown up will create your forever family and leave the nest. Parents often have future spouses need help and support, so it is not necessary to leave their work unnoticed. Very touching moment when the children thank their parents for what they raised them, nurtured and supported in difficult times, and gave invaluable advice.

The couple can prepare his speech about gratitude to parents in advance or improvise. But it is worth considering that at the most inopportune moment, you can worry and simply will not be able to put into words all that is happening in your soul, so a little preparation is necessary. This does not mean that you have to read from notes pretentious odes, such a statement is devoid of warmth and genuine sincerity, so you need to learn everything that I would like to say. Even if something is forgotten, it’s not scary, because the main thing is to speak from the heart.

General advice for newlyweds

This speech should the bride and groom, because from now on the couple ’ s a whole, and so the answer keep them together. If someone Suite more shy, he can add a couple of sentences, and everything else will take care of his spouse; Try to speak sincerely and from the heart, it is better to say a few truthful sentences in prose than to read soulless verse that had to learn not one evening; Prepare gratitude not only for their parents, but parents for their mate. Even if between you there was any misunderstanding, it is not necessary to remember them on this joyous day. Wedding – it is a perfect opportunity to establish or rebuild relationships with parents partner; selecting speech beware of excessive pathos or pomposity, it’s inappropriate, let it be simple, understandable words. Well, if your words will be associated some cute story or memories that you remember. Don’t be afraid of sincerity, she could not be more appropriate in this situation. Tell me, how you love your family, because sometimes people need to be reminded of this; If you have the talent of poetry, you can write a few lines and complement the prose greetings and wishes.

So, we bring to your attention examples of words of gratitude to parents at the wedding .

Thanks to parents for bread and salt

Tradition, when met by parents of the newlyweds with bread and salt, exists in many countries. Future spouses should bow to the parents, to nip off a piece from the loaf and generously salted him, feed your soul mate (this is the last opportunity to annoy the groom or bride) or to eat themselves. Then you need to thank my parents for the meal.


Our favorite parents! Please accept our heartfelt gratitude, presented him with a loaf and salt. Thank you for the warmth of this bread, it’s the best food of our lives. We promise you to appreciate and cherish our happiness and never forget about you!


Dear mom and dad! Thank you so much for cooked bread and salt. We want to promise that we will protect the family fortune as carefully as you gave us this bread. And appreciate your mate as once valued one grain of salt. Please accept our thanks for always supported and helped us and I really hope that in the future you will always be near us!


Thank you for bread and salt,

What you gave us,

For happiness, tenderness and love,

You generously gave them.

We are grateful

For every passing moment,

For sorrow and for joy.

A thank you speech to parents at wedding


Our favorite mom and dad! We sincerely thank you for your warmth, attention, care you gave us throughout life. Thank you for the tenderness that we always felt, even when we were little, for the support you have given us in the most difficult days. It’s really a happiness to have such parents! We love you very much!


Our favorite, our dear, our irreplaceable parents! We are now at the peak of happiness and can’t thank you for everything you’ve done for us! For your loving heart, for your support, warmth, tenderness, which you generously gave us. Thank you for having shared with us the joys and sorrows, and never asked for anything in return! We love you!


Bernard Shaw said that marriage – it is a perennial heroic work spouses who raise their children. You, like our parents did. Thank you for the warm atmosphere in the family, for the love that we were surrounded from childhood, thank you for what you have!


Our favorite parents! Believe me, we really appreciate your help and am very grateful for everything you are doing for us! Without you, we would never have become who we are. You generously shared with us their knowledge, experience, wrapped with love and care. You always took the most difficult job, trying to shield us from trouble. And we wholeheartedly thank you for everything! Thanks to you we know what should be the real parents and we try to educate our future children and to give them as much love as had themselves. I bow to you!

Thanks to the parents of the bride and groom


Dear parents! Today gave me the greatest happiness that fate has brought me together with a loving, kind and wonderful people. And I want to tell you (the name of the father-in-law and mother-in-law) thank you so much, I raised such a wonderful son. With him I find true love that will be cherished for years to come. We love you very much!


Dear parents of (name of father-in-law and mother-in-law)! On this day I would like to thank you for what you gave birth to, nurtured and raised such a wonderful daughter! With her, I found her happiness! And thank you for your help and support during the preparation for the happy day of our life together! Thank you for your work, your experience and diligence, understanding and support!

Letters of appreciation and medals to parents

Many newlyweds give their parents a souvenir gifts and fun surprises. It can be baby photos, toys, awards, medals. You can thank the parents in this vein, presenting them to the gratitude not only in words but also giving them a stylized antique scrolls tied with ribbons. They may be the following information:

Our dear, beloved parents! We bring you sincere thanks for your diligence, patience, kindness and love that we felt throughout life. We know how difficult it was for us, and I want to say thank you for that, despite all difficulties and hardships, you managed to raise us the way we are! For your diligence and patience, we want to present you with this small gift that will remind you of the happiest day in our family life, because now our family just got bigger! We love you very much!

The letter reads toastmaster or someone Suite, and then the parents give gifts. They can be symbolic, because the most important on any occasion – is the attention and sincere, heartfelt gratitude to the people who gave you life.

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