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Cartoons and their influence upon the child

Childhood — it is the Foundation. which includes not only physical health. Parents. first of all. seek to protect children from explicit threats of life. “change for the green light. “” do not climb on thin ice.” ” don’t touch “. However, you should pay equal attention to the threat to the child’s consciousness .

Talk about innocent I. by the way. favorite pastime of children — watching cartoons. Children love cartoons. However, not all. what gets into their field of vision. most useful for them. Children spend in front of TV screens and computer monitors too much time. Talking about this statistical study. Each new generation grows on multiculture. Cartoon characters appear not only on the screens. but in the logs. on children’s clothing. as labels on food products, etc.

How to protect the child from unnecessary exposure to cartoons ?

► First. viewing the cartoons should have a time limit. Otherwise, the child begins to live in a different world — the world of cartoon characters. which ‘breed’ and set an example. The child is immersed in a world of illusions. Well. if he’ll survive and in time will return to the earth. And if you do not want. life seems scary and confusing thing .

► Secondly. the choice of the cartoons should be treated with full responsibility. Continue reading

Alphabet Books and Alphabet books


Primers are now so many that can get lost. In each school a primer . in addition there are alternative, auxiliary, alphabet books for preschoolers . Yes and many other varieties, too many to mention. Many parents who put their effort preparing the child to school are faced with challenges about what primer to use . This is not surprising, especially when your baby is crying and can’t understand how to associate the letter with the picture, and what does the “watermelon”, or “Hippo”. I must say that the current methods of teaching reading, though, and probably all others, not take into account the psychology of the student and the fact that in the mind of the child there is simply no such associative relationships that  the picture, sound and letter into one . The child is a whole being . in him there is no distinction between tactile, auditory, visual, and so on. In fact, school technique produces a devastating effect on the child, separating, granulating the unity of consciousness in favor of learning Continue reading

Little children, big lie.


Sooner or later it happens. This introduces us parents into a stupor or shocking. This – the lies of our children. Once we catch favorite, perfect, Golden, most honest, righteous child, on lies. One day he confesses that he lost the keys, that «borrowed» you trifle from her purse or stubbornly silent on the issue «Who smoked in the room?».

Yes, once we understand that our child was lying. Is it dangerous, is there any reason to panic? What if the lie will grow into a habit? No. If you raise a child properly.

Quite naturally, if to a certain age, your baby won’t confess about who broke the vase and candy out of the vase. Until three or four years almost all the time the children the truth (on trifles). They still don’t know the difference between truth and lies, between «» «bad».

Crime and punishment. or a crime and a lie?

The first reason for which the child hides the truth, replacing it with a lie – fear of punishment . Committing some misdemeanor, «liar» chooses the lesser of two evils – to tell the truth and get an earful for what he did or lie to save himself from punishment – and selects, without Continue reading

How to respond to bad words?

Mastering wealth of the native language, the small talker knows no inhibitions — he experiments with sounds, change the order of words in a sentence, invents his own expression. The baby greedily absorbs and tries to understand everything said around him. And very often one day this natural curiosity leads to the fact that the child faces special, non-literary stratum of speech culture, obscene language. For normal parents it is always a shock — not only that in the mouth of a little boy or girl curses sound particularly rude and ridiculous, so more often children, intuitively sensing the potential threat of these words, and making sure it follows the reactions of the adults start to drink them all the time. How to behave to parents and close relatives?

Necessary evil

In Russia the attitude to a reduced vocabulary — whether preliterature offensive expression or a clean Mat was always mixed . Someone thinks that swearing is an integral part of modern Russian speech, someone does not accept the slightest hint of a bad word to someone, as they say, does not swear obscenities and talking on it. But let the definition of the role of curses in our life scientists. We, parents, definitely one thing is clear — we want our children enjoyed the beautiful, clean, Continue reading

Divorce between spouses


If there is a common minor children divorce is possible only in court (except in cases of dissolution of marriage with persons recognized by court as missing, legally incapable and sentenced to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years) regardless of whether I agree or not both spouses on the dissolution of their marriage. The latter only affects the judicial process of divorce. The marriage is dissolved by the court where the obvious disintegration of the family, maintaining that marriage is not in the interests of the spouses themselves, their children or society. The court’s handling of cases of divorce between the couple is in the procedure of action proceedings, the established code of civil procedure code. The suit for divorce shall be presented to the court at the place of residence of the spouses if they live together, or spouse of the defendant, if they live separately. The suit for dissolution of marriage with the person, place of residence unknown, may be brought on the plaintiff’s choice or at the last known place of residence of the defendant, or at the location of his property. In the case where the plaintiff are minor children or when a health check of the plaintiff to the defendant’s place of residence seems to be difficult for him, the suit Continue reading

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