Methods of upbringing and education of children

How to raise a child? How to eliminate his complexes and fears? How to force to obey without damaging his psyche? Books with a similar theme so captivated the market of the countries of the former USSR that each child accounts for about 50 methods of proper upbringing and education of children. And confused parents are left wondering what method of education to choose and which one will be the correct one for their beloved child.

Besides research in the field of pedagogy are constantly changing. And if two or three years ago it was believed that the child already since the year should be taught to read, it is now widely believed that all methods of early development only violate the consistent development of the child and take away his childhood.

It is especially difficult to understand the methods of educating parents who are raising a firstborn. Because the lack of experience in the field of training and education of children generates a lot of errors, leading to unpredictable consequences. That, unfortunately, often happens. Why rush inexperienced parents to one method of education to another. Especially bad for the modern child, when both parents do not agree about pedagogical decisions. For example, the father believes that the child needs to be nurtured belt, and for my mom the most appropriate punishment is the clock standing in the corner. But also interferes with the grandmother, who says that children in General it is impossible to punish. So it turns out with good intentions the road to hell. Everyone pulls out for ourselves, but the worst of this only child. The upbringing of the new man is a big responsibility. Therefore approach this case be very careful. You cannot make a child of the Guinea pig.

By virtue of their profession (and I work as a journalist) I’m used to analyse a large amount of information and to concretize it in one big truth. So it is here. After the birth of a child, I studied a lot of materials on methods of child rearing . and brought the main points, which are the basis of all existing methods and answer the question, how to raise a child . I cite them below

Physiological characteristics of the child’s body.

Always need to take into account the physiological characteristics of the child’s body. Every child grows sequentially, one period of development is replaced by another and so on in a spiral. How would you not want to — physiology you don’t beat. And if you try, for example, be taught to walk 5 — 6-month-old toddler, it will disrupt the natural cycle of growth and development, which in the future will bring many problems.

The same applies to the information. Give it to your child in parts, in accordance with the age and individual characteristics of his body. You cannot oversaturate the brain child of various information. Yes, with two to five years, children remember everything very well, quick to grasp any training. But everything should be the measure. Better if the child learns a little about everything than stop at one thing, and the rest will fall behind. This happens when the parents go out to do from the child, for example, a musician. Child to make every day or even stimulated to study music at the expense of other knowledge. In the end, can grow a genius in music, but absolutely ignorant and not interested in other issues of public life. In addition, a glut of information at an early age can lead to the disappearance of the desire to learn at an older.

The most basic rule here — to constantly monitor the child’s progress. If things come easy — to complicate the task, if he is behind — try to interest in light exercise. When a child feels that he already knows how to do what they could not do before, — he wakes up an interest. The main thing to avoid stagnation in development and continually to stimulate interest and excitement of your child to achieve new successes.

Peculiarities of children’s perception

Raising children, you should always remember that they are very poorly perceive the information that is given to them. But at the same time very quickly learn that it is not converted but directly surrounds them. This means one thing — no matter what methods of punishment you forced your child to obey, it is effective only on 5 — 10%. The remaining 90% will give mutual respect and a passive perception of child reality. That is not necessary to force the child to apologize to you, if you never apologize to others. Child — this is the most truthful mirror where his parents are. Parents scream? Screaming child. Parents are not like each other? The child becomes angry and aggressive. Parents spend all their free time watching TV? No need to wait that the child will spend time with a book or paints.

The main method of education – the love of children

Love. I knowingly took it as a separate item. It is the love for children gave rise to all the existing methods of education . Wherefore we must consider her as one of the main factors for the proper development of the child. African tribes hadn’t know about the existence of certain pedagogical methods of education . But this does not prevent them to grow healthy, strong, educated and mentally stable offspring. Why? The secret is that the African mother feels her child. She picks up the slightest changes in the health and psyche of the kid with the greatest of instincts — maternal. Many researchers are surprised by the fact that women in these primitive tribes for centuries instinctively raise their kids, to what our great minds pedagogy guessed five years ago. But African mom was no Internet, no popular science books, or personal psychologists. What this says? Yes all that every woman is 90% must educate their children as her heart dictates. And only 10% — receiving information from a variety of sources. If the mother feels that at the moment she should take the child in his arms and kiss — so it should be done, while not worrying about the fact that in this way she will develop bad habits with their child. Love to spoil your impossible. Just as love can not be too much. The most terrible crimes in the world were accomplished by people who in childhood have felt a lack of love. From excess of love, do not become criminals.

Love — big power. It makes our children the real fighters for justice, for honesty, for ideals. In response to our love they want to give her the rest. To give without a trace.

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