Child psychology


Question: Hello! What if the child does not hear the remarks, uttered in a calm tone? And so until then, until the yells and jumps up to it?

Comments, of course, have to make a bunch — this, too, is unclear. After all the comments due to the fact that he pesters year-old sister, takes toys, provokes her improper behavior, such as, for example, to go into a dangerous place or to do what is impossible, pats her on the head — and so all the time they are awake and as soon as mom should take up cooking or your business.

Mother with children at home all day. Deal with them, draw, play, show cartoons. Night with them for an hour playing dad. So not to say that little attention to them.

But as soon as wakes up sister, son (4 years) how honey ugliness attracts! Similarly, in the store, and the people — does not want to hear, requires, vrednichaet and lifts up her sister, although kind and gentle . How to teach him to hear without shouting and considered with your sister and parents?

Hello. Indeed, in many families where there are two or more children with a small age difference, parents are often faced with similar difficulties. Senior bully younger or Vice versa. Children quarrel, jealous, compete with each other. To keep Continue reading

How not to make the child a victim of parental love


It is believed that all parents love their children.

But are we able to truly love and is this love, which are necessary for our children? If these questions seem a bit strange, why do you think parental love is so often a problem? Perhaps because there are too many “impurities” – a sense of ownership, attachment, selfishness, frustration plus a desire to exercise their unrealized ambitions, and even to assert themselves at the expense of the child?

We will try to understand.

The inordinate ambitions

My friend for many years, uses the piano as a dresser. The instrument cover in my memory was not opened even once, and its surface is littered with some vials, jars, tubes, books and magazines.

– Why do you need a piano if no one knows how to play? – once asked my teenage daughter, while visiting this friend.

– I know, – replied the hostess.

– Can I play something?

No, you can’t – strictly replied the landlady, and, after a pause, explained: ‘the fact that I was a child I begged my mother to allow me not to make music, explaining that it “not mine”. But mom insisted that I graduated from music school “for her” because she at the time this was not possible. And then I gave myself a word that after graduation will not sit down at the piano never. Since then it’s Continue reading

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Conflicts between parents and children
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The Pedagogical suggestion children
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