Thanks and her parents at the wedding


Wedding – this is a wonderful celebration, which the couple is looking forward to. But not the less feel the excitement and their parents, the day their children are grown up will create your forever family and leave the nest. Parents often have future spouses need help and support, so it is not necessary to leave their work unnoticed. Very touching moment when the children thank their parents for what they raised them, nurtured and supported in difficult times, and gave invaluable advice.

The couple can prepare his speech about gratitude to parents in advance or improvise. But it is worth considering that at the most inopportune moment, you can worry and simply will not be able to put into words all that is happening in your soul, so a little preparation is necessary. This does not mean that you have to read from notes pretentious odes, such a statement is devoid of warmth and genuine sincerity, so you need to learn everything that I would like to say. Even if something is forgotten, it’s not scary, because the main thing is to speak from the heart.

General advice for newlyweds

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Divorce between spouses


If there is a common minor children divorce is possible only in court (except in cases of dissolution of marriage with persons recognized by court as missing, legally incapable and sentenced to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years) regardless of whether I agree or not both spouses on the dissolution of their marriage. The latter only affects the judicial process of divorce. The marriage is dissolved by the court where the obvious disintegration of the family, maintaining that marriage is not in the interests of the spouses themselves, their children or society. The court’s handling of cases of divorce between the couple is in the procedure of action proceedings, the established code of civil procedure code. The suit for divorce shall be presented to the court at the place of residence of the spouses if they live together, or spouse of the defendant, if they live separately. The suit for dissolution of marriage with the person, place of residence unknown, may be brought on the plaintiff’s choice or at the last known place of residence of the defendant, or at the location of his property. In the case where the plaintiff are minor children or when a health check of the plaintiff to the defendant’s place of residence seems to be difficult for him, the suit Continue reading

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A Break in communication with the child
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How not to make the child a victim of parental love
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