The Development of thinking in children.

Being born into the light, a child is not able to perceive the interaction of events and things, just as adults do. Thinking of the little man at such a tender age is in its infancy.Gradually learning the world,the child learns to perceive and to feel separate phenomena and objects,and their images are fixed in the mind.Forming the foundations of a culture of thinking must begin in the first months since the birth of the baby.So,for example, 7-month old baby can pull up to a coveted rattle of garland above his crib,using the ribbon hanging out.Change the layout of rattles and the length of the ribbons,so the baby was developing and he was interesting.When the baby is able to stand in the crib,arrange for him an entertaining educational game . attach one end of the ribbon 3-4 different toys (a ringing bell,a rubber squeaky toy,a loud rattle),and another tie to the bars of the crib.The kid with pleasure will start to experiment,throwing toys on the floor and listening,the sound will publish one or another fallen toy.And with the help of ribbons will try to get all the toys back,thereby using it as a means to an end.

Important role in shaping the thinking of the child is the development of speech .Constantly communicating with others,the Continue reading

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