Who should live children after the divorce


The Plenum of the Russian Supreme court prepares special parental decree that children do not become a bargaining chip in the marriage wars.

Sad statistics: according to statistics, last year broke up almost 640 thousand families. Divorce ends more than half of the weddings, not the former spouses always find the strength to stay friends. It is enough to remember star scandals, when famous people divided, and kidnapped children and I had it out almost live.

But the star of the “war” is just the tip of the iceberg. How many unknown little tragedies happening across the country, none of the statistics will not tell.

However, according to the Chairman of the Supreme court of Russia Vyacheslav Lebedev, last year the number of legal disputes on divorce declined slightly. However, according to many analysts, in General, we haven’t learned a civilized manner to disperse. The more important that judges have always been able competently to divorcing couples.

According to Vyacheslav Lebedev, the Plenum of the Supreme court will consider the judicial practice and will prepare recommendations for the consideration of such disputes. A higher court will explain in detail Continue reading

How not to make the child a victim of parental love


It is believed that all parents love their children.

But are we able to truly love and is this love, which are necessary for our children? If these questions seem a bit strange, why do you think parental love is so often a problem? Perhaps because there are too many “impurities” – a sense of ownership, attachment, selfishness, frustration plus a desire to exercise their unrealized ambitions, and even to assert themselves at the expense of the child?

We will try to understand.

The inordinate ambitions

My friend for many years, uses the piano as a dresser. The instrument cover in my memory was not opened even once, and its surface is littered with some vials, jars, tubes, books and magazines.

– Why do you need a piano if no one knows how to play? – once asked my teenage daughter, while visiting this friend.

– I know, – replied the hostess.

– Can I play something?

No, you can’t – strictly replied the landlady, and, after a pause, explained: ‘the fact that I was a child I begged my mother to allow me not to make music, explaining that it “not mine”. But mom insisted that I graduated from music school “for her” because she at the time this was not possible. And then I gave myself a word that after graduation will not sit down at the piano never. Since then it’s Continue reading

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