Homeroom on the theme “the Joy of communication”.


Without communication can be not a individual or even human society as a whole. Communication to humans is its habitat. Without communication it is impossible the formation of the personality of man, his education, intellectual development, adaptation to life. Communication is necessary for people in the process of joint work and to maintain interpersonal relationships, recreation, emotional discharge, intellectual and artistic creativity.

The ability to communicate simultaneously and natural quality of any person given by nature, and a difficult art that demands continuous improvement.

Communication is a process of interaction between individuals and social groups in which there is an exchange of activity, information, experience, skills and results of operations.

In the process of communication:

transmitted and absorbed social experience;

there is a change in the structure and nature of interacting subjects;

formed the variety of human personalities;

is socialization.

Communication exists not only because of social necessity, but also a personal need of individuals for each other.

In communication, the individual not only receives sound information, shape the ways of thinking activities, but also through imitation and borrowing, empathy and identification learns human emotions, moods, and behaviors.

Children of school age do not always adhere to conventional rules of conduct, and they graciously forgive. Actually, it is very unpleasant to look at screaming kids, slovenly-dressed boys and girls, ignorant of basic rules of conduct on communication in society, irreverent relevant to older people.

And is it hard to learn the basic rules of behavior in society: to be respectful to each other, to learn to speak polite words, not shout and not to push in transport, neat to eat at the table and neatly dressed?!

We adults always require their children to compliance with the rules of decent conduct. But it becomes especially important when you come to visit or when the child is in public places without adults. No one can say, how to act in a particular case, there is no one to tell when he’s ugly. In such situations, and shows maturity and independence.

But there is another important fact: the child is his family. Do we really want our family of educators thought bad? But usually it is always happens that when we meet a rude, ill-mannered person, make sure you think about or say aloud the following: “Where was brought up this child? Did he not teach it to behave in society?” And more often people are indignant aloud: “And what you taught only at home”? In order to avoid such situations, I suggest the script an hour of communication with children of primary school age ” To the joy of the people to give, need kind and polite to be.”

Primary school age

Section: “a Step to the spiritual and moral cognition”.

Block : “Academy of politeness”.

Theme: “the Joy of communication”.

Activities: social Hours “the Joy of communication” with elements of the conversation.

Objectives: to develop children’s culture of communication.

Design: posters with sayings:

To the joy of giving, need kind and polite to be.

Do not respond to rudeness with rudeness.

Want to have a friend – be polite.

Respecting others – respect yourself.

Treat others as you would that they treated you.

1. Organizational moment

– Let us begin our lesson, that’s why. Let each one of you to call yourself by name and will perform any movement or action. For example, I will call your name and will proglobal his hands. You can stomp your feet, or to do something else, but so that everyone sitting in a circle can repeat your action.

2. Introduction to the topic

We will rest today

We will dance and sing

And most importantly learn how to make people happy, be friendly, attentive and will learn to communicate.

What is communication? (Children’s responses)

-But what are Proverbs and sayings:

Near people live and mind namerica.

Always and everywhere be face to Luda.

Keep with the people connection – do not hit the face in the dirt.

3. The main part

Practical task “Magic words”

Now, remember, and recite the magic words, Proverbs, learn the content and main ideas that you remember them.

Job. Discover the meaning of words and to be one the most beautiful sentence of 5 words using these magic words.


Thank you.



Thank you.


Be kind.


Good morning!

Good day!

Good evening!

Good night!

“That helps us to communicate”

– Guys we learn to communicate. And whether the person’s hands when communicating?

– How you can use your hands to communicate?

Job. Touch hands with each other. What can you say about them?

They are warm, gentle, affectionate, kind, peaceful.

– What else can I say?

– Can a person to hurt another, if he has such good hands?

– What is the value of communication is facial expression, what do you think?

– Communicating in the first place the experiences are quarrels, conflicts with friends. which often occur due to the inability to reach an agreement, desires to draw attention to themselves.

The mastery of culture and communication, and of course, we are never free from error, but can help us to make a choice in their actions, more aware, conscious, deliberate. Can tell us which method of communication to choose better, not to cause the person harm.

Since ancient times people looked into each other’s faces, trying to guess the person’s mood, his intentions and character. Here and now we will try to decipher some of the emotional state of the person by facial expressions.

I will ensure that all know how “easy to read” the emotional state of another person? For example, sadness, joy, happiness, laughter, surprise, indifference, pain, pleasure.

Children try to identify the correct emotional state, and then explain why it decided and what could help someone if needed.

Discussion of “the Role of vision in communication”

Experiment. To call the two comers. They are asked to tell something interesting (the contents of the book, the cartoon, for example, the most interesting moment). All watching.

The conversation stops. What is the reason?

– It’s awkward, difficult to speak, and therefore uninteresting. Why?

– But if you turn to face each other?

Means, eye, too much help in dealing with people.

Guys, is it possible to develop attention, memory?

Game on attention

Mom sent the son into the store to buy milk, butter, sour cream.

Said the lazy mother:

Get your big bed.

-I would my mother cleaned,

Only I have a small.

Peter catches a fish

Maybe the boat to make.

Only “Hello” and “thank you”

Not able to speak.

– How would you describe the guys, which you heard in the verses? We learn the character of a person in communication with each other. What is the character?

Character is the most stable combination of core psychological and spiritual qualities, human qualities, which are manifest in his behavior.

In Proverbs it say about the character:

What is the nature, and such things

With a quiet mind, but the Lich character.

The word said as a knot tied.

Character defines a person

Strength of character is the ability to control yourself in any situation.

Listen to poems about it.

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