Education of love

Objectives :

1. To reveal the peculiarities of the relationship between children and parents;

2. To help parents to examine their parental behavior, to focus on the positive aspects of raising a child, forms of manifestation of love to him;

3. Contribute to the harmonization of parent – child relationships.


To consider the positive and negative aspects of educational influence of parents on the child.

To make it clear to parents the need for their unconditional parental love.

To expand the knowledge of parents about the importance of the emotional component of parent – child relationships.

To increase parental competence in the education and awareness of the emotional impacts from adults.

To awaken the parents, as educators, interest in the process of self-education in the field of pedagogical knowledge.

To improve the relationship of the parents with the teacher, to broaden the scope of their joint activities.


multiprojector for a presentation, screen;

On the tables . candle under candle heart-children’s crafts, matches.

The course of the meeting

(slide 1)

The theme of our meeting-education of love. Today I set a goal to introduce you to parental love, nurturing love. First of all, I would like you to distribute the seed. Hold on to it until the end of our meeting. And I want to offer before the meeting starts to light the candles that are on the tables. And while you are their light, I want to tell the parable.

(slide 2)


Somewhere in star infinite space of the universe there was a soul. She was cheerful and carefree, joyful and happy. She enjoyed the freedom. Admired the shining of the stars, listened to their cheerful chirping. She loved dangling legs swinging on the moon, saw the parade of planets, met with other stars. One day she passed over the earth and its caught the faint gleam of the fire. She flew closer and saw burning candle and the hands folded in silent prayer. And then it dawned on her – the light is on for her. Is waiting for her there on the Ground. And flew the soul to God. And said,” Lord! I saw the fire in the window. I think there waiting, and call me.”

The Lord agreed: “Fly. This fire chose you!” and released the soul. In this time on Earth life began. The soul has found the body. She gladly entered eoto world. Our family got our long-awaited child. God gave us a priceless gift, so take care of your beloved sweetheart!

(slide 3,4)

Shine our sun on the horizon of our lives. But increasingly, it began to encounter on my journey in life with different emotions that often come from us, from our parents. Its clear rays lay the horror, brutality, hatred, indifference, discouragement, failure, sadness, disbelief.

And faded our sun, it bent under the weight of unbearable experiences. It lost its luster, lost his true face. In our power to make it so that the sun was again shining. What do you think should I do? Replace these negative emotions to the opposite. And most importantly, what will save us is LOVE.

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