Developing children develop themselves

A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lit

I am a mother. This means that I can give life. Now my task is to maintain this life, we have to worry about food, leisure and health of the baby. But this care of the body. But man is not only body

I brought a child into this world, so I have to introduce him to the peculiarities of this world. To talk about the size of objects, color, shape, materials (fabric, wood, iron, paper, plastic, rubber, clay, glass, clay, wax)

To familiarize with the sounds of human speech, “speech” animals, with songs. To explain that high that low; where far where close; it’s long, short; here narrow, wide here; here are small, there deep. And this is only the beginning, and ahead – reading and arithmetic.

For myself, I decided: “you Cannot delegate their responsibilities for child development on the other: the kindergarten, school. Only I know what should be my child that knows how to treat people and the world in General. Better than me no one knows my child loves it like I do. How can I allow everything to take its course, nothing to explain to the kid to develop his memory, thinking, attention, language, imagination?

Not to contribute to the development of independence, self-control, discipline, dedication, initiative?

After all, it is the qualities necessary for success in life, and so I have to consciously make an effort to develop these qualities in the child. I wish him success! Knowledge is the capital to start one! Nothing “puts” in the son – nothing “take”. When the son grew like weeds in a field, then claim parents should submit only to my own laziness and indifference”

Realizing his mission and the responsibility for the future of my child, I began to look for his two-month son educational toys and AIDS on the early development of children. First I went to all the local shops (my small town).

Some toys-rattles I bought. But it upset me, the fact that the toys are mostly the same type (mount soft bears, bunnies, a bunch of carahalak – grimelock – stuchlik stuff, the mass of clockwork machines and robots, not bearing semantic load).

I decided to see what is offered in the Internet. The computer first came out, the modem bought recently, where “to go”? In the journal “My child” I saw an advertisement: “bright” – Internet-store of educational toys and materials. ” what You need!”- I decided, and went out of curiosity.

Yeah, I liked everything: the method of classification of the goods, and descriptions of tools and toys, and clarity (quality photos)!

Of course, with “empty” hands I could not go.

More than two years, I regularly go to the “Charge”. During this time I studied a variety of educational methods: M. Montessori, N. Zaitsev, B. Nikitina, S. Lupan, G. Doman, Danilova. Everywhere has got the most suitable game for your baby and you are most comfortable using didactic materials.

Son (he’s turning 3 years) loved our games lessons and he loves his new books and manuals.

Here is our “Hit parade”:

1. Books “Tot”: first series of logs “Rattle”, then “For the kids” but now “Sparrow” something “Toddler”. In all of these books gradually and gently, in a playful and fairy-tale form, the kid is acquainted with all the necessary concepts about the world. By using these books you can play games-mathematics, Russian language, logic, reading, drawing, work, music. The job is made so that the child will not even feel that its something specifically TAUGHT.

But the beautiful illustrations and guidelines will help the mother to build a game – conversation.

2. Books from “White city” “Tales about artists”. Wonderful stories about famous artists and reproductions of famous paintings introduce baby to the world of painting.

After examining reproductions of K. Briullov “the Last days of Pompeii” my son immediately sat down and drew a volcano, and Aivazovsky paintings inspired him to paint a storm at sea.

3. Game B. Nikitin . “Fold the pattern”, “Fold the square 1, 2”, “Fractions 1, 2, 3”. And games, recommended in his book “mind games”. These games develop logic and thinking, “preparing the head” to the successful study of algebra and Geometrie in school.

4. Cubes N. Zaitsev. “Visual” learning to read in Russian. The most favorite pastime is to write the words cubes. And visual memory spelling forms literacy the child without even learning the rules.

5. Playing with Montessori material contribute to the development of personality through the initiative.

Much attention is paid to the development of sensory and motor skills. The presence of a variety of material and the possibility of access to allow the child to choose the most interesting and relevant of his identity, age and mood of the class. And there are plenty to choose: exercises in practical life (developing self-help skills), shells for the development of motor activity, language development, mathematical concepts, materials for the development of the senses,biological, geographical.

The effectiveness of these tools I checked on your child. I want to say that I do not regret the money spent and time on the development of their child. As mothers, do not have the opportunity to thoroughly study the characteristics of different techniques, but there is a desire to help your baby to enter this world, I would advise to use the above educational materials (especially their use are detailed in the annexes).

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