Cartoons and their influence upon the child

Childhood — it is the Foundation. which includes not only physical health. Parents. first of all. seek to protect children from explicit threats of life. “change for the green light. “” do not climb on thin ice.” ” don’t touch “. However, you should pay equal attention to the threat to the child’s consciousness .

Talk about innocent I. by the way. favorite pastime of children — watching cartoons. Children love cartoons. However, not all. what gets into their field of vision. most useful for them. Children spend in front of TV screens and computer monitors too much time. Talking about this statistical study. Each new generation grows on multiculture. Cartoon characters appear not only on the screens. but in the logs. on children’s clothing. as labels on food products, etc.

How to protect the child from unnecessary exposure to cartoons ?

► First. viewing the cartoons should have a time limit. Otherwise, the child begins to live in a different world — the world of cartoon characters. which ‘breed’ and set an example. The child is immersed in a world of illusions. Well. if he’ll survive and in time will return to the earth. And if you do not want. life seems scary and confusing thing .

► Secondly. the choice of the cartoons should be treated with full responsibility. Many parents. remembering his own childhood. focuses on the “good old Soviet cartoons “. However, it should be strictly avoided and modern ( and Western in particular. American ) cartoons. Children grow up in a different social space and culture.

The child model of the world is formed through images. This can be monsters. aliens. people with unnatural appearance (too big eyes. head, a disproportionate figure, etc.). If the child has no other options. these characters inhabit his world. In addition. in most modern cartoons are shown stereotypes of appearance. behaviour and relationships. This is a great evil for children. because they get the program off the screen. For example. significantly changed the image of women. The heroine become increasingly masculine feminists. The romance of Soviet cartoons with innocent images of Alonso rooted in the past. The current cartoon characters have a lot of negative emotions and aggression. Children are “charged” with this energy and introduce it in life. Black and cruel humor in cartoons many children is perceived literally. They can repeat the experiments. seen in cartoons. strongly believing in something. “this is very funny”

“Watching cartoons” teenage Mutant ninja turtles “and” spider – Man ” our five year old son started to imitate the main characters. and and home. and in the garden. These “cartoons” he could watch several times a day. It was kind of crazy. Noticing the danger. we decided to remove them from sight and replaced by a more humane and instructive. in our opinion. But the child is not accepted the new cartoons with interest and demanded the old ones. It took six months. before weakened the influence of cartoons. and the child was able to switch to other. more interesting things. Amazing. how deeply it becomes encrusted in the mind of the child. Dear parents. do not ride the upbringing of pure consciousness of the child”

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