Bad habits


About the dangers of Smoking said a lot. However, the concern of scientists and doctors, caused by the spread of this addiction grows, so far, a significant number of people do not think Smoking is harmful to health. Smoking is not a harmless activity that can be quit effortlessly. This is a real addiction, and all the more dangerous because many people do not take seriously.

Nicotine is one of the most dangerous poisons of plant origin. Birds (sparrows, pigeons) die if their beak just bring a glass rod moistened with nicotine. Rabbit dies from 1/4 nicotine, dog – 1/2 drops. For humans lethal dose of nicotine is 50 to 100 mg, or 2-3 drops. This dose comes daily in the blood after Smoking 20-25 cigarettes (in one cigarette contains about 6-8 mg of nicotine, of which 3-4 mg enters the blood).

The smoker does not die because the dose is to be gradually, not in one step. Besides, the part of nicotine neutralizes formaldehyde – another poison contained in tobacco. Within 30 years of the kind of smoker smokes about 20000 cigarettes, or 160 kg of tobacco, absorbing on average 800 g of nicotine. Systematic acquisition of small non lethal doses of nicotine is the habit, the addiction to Smoking. Nicotine is included in the exchange processes occurring in the human body, and become necessary. However, if Smoking man at one time will receive a significant dose of nicotine that can lead to death. Such incidents were reported in different countries. Our great scientist – pharmacologist N. P. Kratkofil described the death of a young man after he smoked a big cigar.

In France, in nice, in the end of the contest ‘Who is more smoke’ two ‘winners’, smoked 60 cigarettes a day, died, while the remaining participants with severe poisoning were hospitalized.

In England registered a case when long-term Smoking 40 – year-old man at night, during hard work, has 14 smoked cigars and 40 cigarettes. In the morning he felt bad and despite medical assistance, he died.

The literature describes a case where in the room where lay the tobacco in the ligaments in the powder, put to sleep the girl, and after a few hours died.

Living in smoke-filled rooms children more often suffer from diseases of the respiratory system. In children of Smoking parents in the first year of life increases the frequency of bronchitis and pneumonia, and increases the risk of serious diseases. Tobacco smoke interfere with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which are important for a growing child, affects the metabolism, impairs the absorption of sugar and destroys vitamin ” baby needs during the growth period. At the age of 5-9 years of a child disrupted the function of the lungs. This results in a reduced ability to physical activity requiring stamina and voltage .Surveying more than 2 thousand Children living families in 1820, Professor S. M. Gabulov revealed that in families where the smoke in children, especially at an early age there are frequent acute pneumonia and acute respiratory disease. In families. where there was no smoke. the children were healthy.

In children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have a predisposition to seizures. They are much more likely to develop epilepsy. Children born to Smoking mothers, lag behind their peers in mental development. So, scientists of the GDR V. Gebel and H. Blumberg in the survey of 17 thousand of these children revealed the gap in reading, writing, and in the growth.

Markedly increased the number of allergic diseases. Soviet and foreign scientists found that allergenic action has nicotine and dry particles of tobacco smoke. They contribute to the development of many allergic diseases in children, and the smaller the child, the more damage it causes the body to tobacco smoke.

Smoking adolescents, primarily affects the nervous and cardiac – vascular systems. In 12-15 years, they already complain of shortness of breath during physical exertion. As a result of long-term observations of the French doctor Descalza 100 years ago came to the conclusion that even a small Smoking causes in children anemia, indigestion.

Smoking and associated student. School years are years of growth, both physical and mental. The body needs a lot of strength to cope with all loads. As you know, skills, habits learned in school age, most durable. This applies not only to useful but also to bad habits. The earlier children, adolescents, young men and women will get acquainted with Smoking and start Smoking, the sooner you will get used to it and in the future to stop Smoking will be very difficult.

Smoking negatively affects the academic performance of student. The number of underachieving increases in those classes where more smokers. Smoking pupils slows down their physical and mental development. Health, undermined by Smoking, does not allow to choose an occupation for the soul, to succeed (for example, young men to become pilots, astronauts, athletes, girls, ballerinas, singers, etc.).

Foreign tobacco monopoly advertise cigarettes with a lower content of nicotine and tar as ‘harmless’. On this occasion, the General Director of the National cancer Institute Dr. A. Upton (USA) observed that non-toxic cigarette may be deemed the one that is not lit.


To bad habits but Smoking, to take even more harmful – alcohol intake. Sorry. In life they are very often combined with each other. Thus, among non-drinking population of smokers 40% among alcohol abusers is already 98%.

Drinking ‘lights green light’ malignant neoplasms. Cannot be excluded in alcoholic beverages is carcinogenic substances. Being a good solvent, the alcohol helps their penetration into the body. I abuse alcohol, especially at a young age, the risk of developing oral cancer is 10 times higher, and if they are still Smoking, is 15 times higher compared to non-drinkers.

As already mentioned, alcohol detrimental effect on brain cells ( including cells, regulating the activity of the reproductive system) and on the sex centers located in the spinal cord. At the same time weakens the activity of the mammary glands, and further it can be ceased. Scientists have identified a healthy sexual gland only half of surveyed their chronically ill with alcoholism.

Found that men who abuse alcohol, there is a weakening of potency.

In women, alcohol disrupts the production of sex hormones and maturation of the ovum, menstrual cycle.

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