Alphabet Books and Alphabet books


Primers are now so many that can get lost. In each school a primer . in addition there are alternative, auxiliary, alphabet books for preschoolers . Yes and many other varieties, too many to mention. Many parents who put their effort preparing the child to school are faced with challenges about what primer to use . This is not surprising, especially when your baby is crying and can’t understand how to associate the letter with the picture, and what does the “watermelon”, or “Hippo”. I must say that the current methods of teaching reading, though, and probably all others, not take into account the psychology of the student and the fact that in the mind of the child there is simply no such associative relationships that  the picture, sound and letter into one . The child is a whole being . in him there is no distinction between tactile, auditory, visual, and so on. In fact, school technique produces a devastating effect on the child, separating, granulating the unity of consciousness in favor of learning to read.

Another point of failure is going to happen when training account, and, if in the case of learning the alphabet or reading, we can easily notice the effect of the destruction, a variant with math or a score, this moment can be traced much harder, because there is a path of destruction happens at a deeper level of consciousness. Techniques that had devastating effects on the consciousness of the child as such do not exist. Here the parents have to rely on the lenient attitude of the teacher that got your child. But here, the special effects, the crushing process of consciousness will still happen, but, if you get more “soft” (no, not to the touch) the teacher, your child will go through this stage less painful.

What to do to the child’s mind is not disintegrated? The answer is simple, to teach him to read using the methodology which would be crushed consciousness. This technique, as we have already said officially or in the scientific world does not exist. However, we can offer to interested moms and dads individual sessions in which parents will have all the necessary knowledge required to teach your child to save his whole consciousness.

Now, I want to show you the list of a variety of primers that we offer shop Ozone. Which one is better or worse, it’s not us. We must not forget that every school and teacher, today prefers your primer. For the overall development, you can purchase one or more additional, but for school, it will be necessary to consult with your child’s teacher.

Your attention is invited to the ABC book created by the author of advanced techniques of early development – Olesya Zhukova. With this Primer you can easily and quickly teach your child to read and fully develop his speech. This edition is so on

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