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Article the Impact of cats on the physical and mental development of the child published under the heading “PARENTS AND CHILDREN. methodological questions”

Wonderful 6 months baby girl, healthy, accustomed to the tray. Gentle, kind, similar to the lightest piece of fluff! Give her a home and care! Attached the only cat, by contract, responsible and kind people.

It is known that Pets play a significant role in the development of the child’s personality, in the development of physical and mental qualities. Scientists observed that people that contains its house animals, get sick less and are more resilient to stressors.

The cat and the child – the best combination, if the child’s family lives in an apartment. The cat may get the attention she expects from a man, and the child learn responsibility for a living creature that is in the house. Memories of the cat that was in childhood will remain in the memory of the child throughout his life. The presence in the family of cats creates the child a comfortable psychological climate, causing a lot of positive emotions, which create favorable conditions for the development of cells of the cerebral cortex, and also stimulates production of the body’s “happy hormones”. Psychologists say. the interaction of the child with the cat contribute to the correction of behavioral biases, such as moodiness, hyperactivity, emotional instability. Children having a cat as a friend more sociable, kind and tolerant towards other people. We can say that cats are in some sense psychotherapists with whom the child shares their problems without the risk of running into a misunderstanding. For the child it is important non-judgmental acceptance of their persons, and the cat is perfect for this purpose. The child, alone caring for a cat, more balanced. He cares to learn, sympathize, he also occurs feelings of attachment and love.

The cat is a natural component that may be in close proximity to your child. Communication with the cat helps to broaden horizons and to practice to learn the laws of nature. Growing up, children are smarter than their pussy. From childhood they care about “animals”, and never feel lonely, because with them their cute tailed friend.

Cat and allergies

All over the world are actively developing various teaching technologies and methods of treatment using the influence of animals on humans. Primarily observed beneficial effect of cats on the human body. Since ancient times people knew that cats have the gift of healing. When a person is ill, cats, feel like a hotbed of disease, fall on him, warming his own warmth, and soon the sickness passes. According to pediatricians all over the world the presence of cats strengthens immune system of the child, makes the child’s body to actively resist pathogenic microbes and viruses. greatly increases resistance to various infections. Specialists of the Center of Pediatrics in Columbia, the United States believes that cats can resist such a serious disease like asthma. The fact that children at an early age near the cats, is produced in the blood of antibodies that protect the body of the child from allergies and asthma.

Teaching children with cats

Known the experience of teaching children with cats. In the service of animal rescue Berks County there is a special program called “Book buddies”, where children from first through eighth grade attend the shelter and read books… cats. Boys and girls enter the room for fluffy Pets, cats take on the hands, put on his knees and read favorite books. Children who did not like to read at school and at home, willingly engaged in reading in the company of cats. And cats and children got immense pleasure from our time together. Studies carried out on the basis of the shelter, showed that the relationship of the child and the animal can improve the learning process and make it more pleasant and comfortable for children of any age.

Cats – this amazing wonder of nature. Cat in the family turns a house into a cozy and warm space Cats have the ability to absorb negative energy, reduce the level of conflict and create harmony in the family.

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