A man becomes a father

Family, awaiting the birth of a child, often called the “pregnant couple”. The birth of a healthy and smart baby – care not only moms, but also dads. The relationship between the intended parents in this period is as important as the relationship of a mother to her child. How a man loves a woman, expresses the relation in detail, how to take care of her during this period, which improves their self – esteem and self-esteem of women, improves mood and health, but also has a positive effect on the child.

The man the news that he will soon become a father, is at first ambivalent feeling. On the one hand, he’s glad he gave life to a new creature, the other is afraid of the new role. He is concerned that changes a life and there is fear of losing freedom. Sometimes makes itself felt masculine “sense of ownership” of this, his wife will no longer belong to him alone. Often, not even admitting to himself, man sees in the future the child as a rival, and therefore experiences a feeling of separation. Another fear is the fear of old age. For some men, the birth of a child means parting with adolescence and the transition to a different state to them very painful. Everything else the man is afraid that he will not be able to become a good father, but at first I will not be able to be a good husband of a pregnant woman. And this is not an exceptional case: very often men are afraid for health of his wife more than her. A man worried about his wife’s health, haunted by the fear that the child will not be normal.

Man it’s hard to be in tune with the feelings of his wife. It is difficult to understand what is happening in her body. That is why it is very important to feel the pregnancy of his lady psychologically so that his soul rhythms coincide with the rhythms of his wife. Then for nine months a man will be able to prepare for the birth of his child, and instead of fear, anxiety and uncertainty will experience the joy and pride.

What to do future dads?

First of all, to determine their attitude to the birth of a child. Future father must find the time to think calmly and deal with their feelings. It was during the period of pregnancy, the man must decide whether he is a bystander or participant in child-rearing.

Friendly atmosphere in the house, jokes and laughter, patience with little weaknesses, which serve as a continuation of the merits of the woman, the ability to relieve stress, to help – that’s what should make the husband at this crucial time for the family.

Man must understand that during pregnancy a woman may not be confident, sensitive girl. Future father is important not to overreact to her whims and tantrums, to be gentle, attentive and affectionate.

It is advisable to accompany his wife to the gynecologist, but if the work is not regularly allows to make such visits, that, probably, the future Pope will be interesting to hear how the heart beats of the fetus and to see the baby during the ultrasound.

During this period you should try to relieve his wife of the burden of the household. It is important to foresee as much as possible everyday “little things”, that would alleviate the stress of the first days after birth and all subsequent months, and to think about the stroller, the crib, to equip together with his wife the nursery.

You need to carve out at least half an hour before bedtime, to walk with my wife in the fresh air, to make her night a soothing foot massage, prepare a warm bath.

The weekend is best done in the fresh air outside the city: walk through the woods, to sit and relax around the campfire… Sun, water, air, earth will give their power and energy to a pregnant woman.

The future Pope, it is desirable to quit Smoking, but if not capable of such a step, he is not entitled to smoke in the presence of his wife, and then the child.

Reasonable food, no alcoholic beverages in the house, the restraint of her husband in their demands contribute to a relaxed environment in the home and show the wife that not only is she expecting a child.

If a man is worried about the fear of causing harm to the child or wife during sexual contact, it is best to consult a gynecologist and allow all doubt, than to suffer guilt or to suppress the desire of intimacy. And if the gynecologist does not specifically warn about serious reasons to limit this side of life, allow yourself to relax. Most experts agree that sex during a healthy pregnancy is not dangerous, but beneficial to all three. A woman should feel welcome. In addition, during intercourse prepare and train the muscles involved in childbirth.

In order to better understand the processes that occur to a woman during pregnancy, men need to learn as much as possible information about what pregnancy, as the child develops in the womb, what happens to the mother during each month of pregnancy, as are delivery. For this it is necessary to read books, watch the videos and visit with his wife “school of the future parents”.

Dad to become as close as a mother to the child before birth has a positive image of the father to recognize his voice, you must speak to him, stroking the belly of his wife, to be with her gentle.

In partnership childbirth the husband can provide emotional support and physical contact. He takes his part in the suffering of his wife and experiencing the incomparable feeling of belonging to the mystery of birth.

Pregnancy is a difficult time for each of the intended parents. In a relatively short period both have a lot to change their mind and feeling. This is a great and very difficult time. Help each other!

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