A father

Hands on the gate, his head in anguish, and the soul already flew like. What we write in blood on the sand? Our letters don’t need nature.

quote: What are your feelings when you realize that the wife is pregnant

quote: If the child first, then at this stage the man not dad, or rather that of itself does not feel

quote: If the child first, then at this stage the man not dad, or rather that of itself does not feel

well why)))

the child has one, but my dad quite feel))

responsibility is first and foremost

. not a lot Sentimentale, but I was pleased, “then” to hear about this from their children..

“I have the impression. he loved me always. All of his 89 years.

Very small, quiet girl, awkward teenager, grown up young lady and quite, quite adult, grandmother. This is his usual exclamation :”what are you, grandma? Yes cannot be!”

He was different, imperfect, imperfect, he was just a loving father. Loving the way he knew it.

Let it looked sometimes strange, sometimes incomprehensible, even insulting and annoying, but always – “if you need anything I can give or do for you.”

He had his atheistic relationship with God. He could read the prayer of the Optina elders and then in the service to say about the priest:”Oh, he’s a glass of vodka…”

When changed first, in his footsteps chosen profession, which was very long on the other, which was very difficult for him, he supported me without asking questions like: “why do you need” or “What’s in it for you”.

He loved the country! To 87 years there he plowed hoo! We always laughed that you might think that we have the employee works. And that was what pleased him, was a pleasure. With him there was always a perfect order and beauty.

During his military service at the age of 45 (the whole war, Kamchatka, and the Kuril Islands) he was fond of saying, “Wow, I’m already 7 years was in the army”. And then just 20 years of legal practice.

He was such a loaded, constantly in motion, with a smile in 32 teeth. By the way, the first time to the dentist dad went 50 years that way. To the question, how did you manage to keep your teeth until the age of 75, with a smile replied:”what, will be released in childhood, in the morning, in the garden, pluck a carrot, wipe on pants and crunch it with pleasure”.

Yes, that is the ability to enjoy life, so it didn’t happen.

Twice in his life, he died of hunger in 1.5 years and 10 years. In 1.5 years he was saved by a nun, who passed through the village. She had a live chicken, which she gave to her grandmother. Thanks to this good woman dad survived. So he liked to treat all. Had to feed and that was bigger and fatter and in any case, it was impossible to throw away food, especially bread.

Carefully examining three year old granddaughter, worried told me. “You saw, you saw her belly. She is malnourished”. For explanations of the type, all young children such figures with bellies, doubtfully shook his head.

Baptized in the Orthodox faith, and having a very devout and faithful mother, tmolus in the war of her husband, and two sons, having served in Azerbaijan, brought home the sacramental phrase, of course not, “Glory to God” and “Glory be to Allah” and regularly remembered this name the Almighty, while considering himself a true atheist.

I loved to walk with him. It seemed that half the town knows. Approached him, said hi, shook hands with absolutely unfamiliar to me people.

It was always exciting and pleasant, as part of this attention-admiration came to me. And you’re going at a gallop, and rejoice that your such a great father to be proud of.

Forgive me dad, if something was wrong. I love you. The Kingdom of Heaven for you.

Your daughter.” (from the Internet)

very nice excerpt, I liked it, as much as the lump in my throat. Something exactly about my dad.

quote: what does it mean for you to be a dad

no need to choke and corroding his brain with his own ideological hopes. nothing super special for them it does not mean. in the best case – the burden of responsibility that fuels self-esteem and self-actualization, at worst, a burden that constantly wants to get rid of in favor of another “for the most beautiful and beloved.” and, shows how rapidly the trend, 47% of men still find yourself brave enough between 35 and 55 years of age to open a true nuisance to the family.

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