A Break in communication with the child


A Cinderella story is a wonderful tale, but in real life you have the will to get on the ball. Or can life to sit behind the stove, waiting in vain, the good fairies and a handsome Prince.

Learn how 2 weeks to get the skills that will change your life and ensure a successful future for your children!

Just 2 weeks you will increase self-esteem and become a confident woman who will raise self-confident children.

You studied, worked hard, learned many things and achieved a lot, became a mother! You have come a long way and you have every reason to be proud. But after all these years you still experience self-doubt! How is this possible?

Take the short quiz to find out how much you are a confident person.

1. I am very worried, if wittingly or unwittingly hurt someone, spoil the mood

2. In the presence of an authoritative person (the boss), I always hesitate

3. I often hide their feelings (both positive and negative)

4. If the pause in the conversation dragged on, I feel very embarrassed

7. Often I hesitate to call in official institutions

8. It is very difficult to start a conversation with a stranger.

If you answered “YES” on 6 of the 10 questions, then it’s time to change something…

Your uncertainty creates risk for the development of insecurity in your child. This situation requires careful analysis and some work on improving self-confidence.

Check sure in himself your child?

1. Very quiet, slurred speech with long pauses.

2. Can not long eye contact, out of contact.

3. The presence of harmful habits, such as biting your nails, constantly twisting something in his hands, sucking on a thumb, etc.

4. The child replies often “don’t know”, even though he knows the answer.

5. Very angry when he feels that someone above him jokes.

6. Often loses control of himself, responding with aggression.

7. During the execution of tasks is very tense, uptight.

8. Often refuses to follow the rules.

9. Shy, makes him much fear.

10. Afraid to face difficulties.

11. Does not like to take on a new case.

12. Repeats actions or responses for their age, and copy their behavior.

13. Excessive timidity, shyness, fears to interact to other children and adults.

14. Baby slouches, makes awkward movements.

15. Draws a small figure, uses a hatch.

If the test results you answered “YES” to 6 or more questions, then your child has signs of uncertainty.

Perhaps you’ve tried to deal with his insecurities, to overcome shyness or to persevere.

Every day you force yourself to do what you want, but it does not bring joy and peace refused to make concessions to your efforts.

It lasted for years… How can we promise results in just 2 weeks? Will open you a secret.

In order to make your life better, you don’t need to change your habits or to remake the world!

It is really not enough. You will receive the first results almost immediately, just after assessing yourself on advantage and increasing self-esteem of their child. Further, this effect will only increase! Yes, your insecurities have accumulated over the years, but to change their beliefs, to get rid of it faster.

You’ve heard stories about how people in critical situations reviewed all my life and radically changed the views in just a few minutes. But why bring it to the extreme? You will have as much as 2 weeks to safely understand themselves and to get rid of uncertainty under the supervision of experienced psychologists.

If you feel that you need it…


you all are happy in your life

do not experience discomfort in relationships with children and others,

feel free to put goals and confidently go to them,

you’re hard to confuse, intimidate or deceive,

your child feels confident at home and in the team,

you can clearly see their perspective and they are quite acceptable.

Then congratulations – you’re a lucky woman, and teach you – only to spoil. However, in life you usually see a very different picture, isn’t it?

You think self-doubt – just a personal problem that plagues your life with doubts and self-blame?

But it is much worse and more violent. After all, it is the lack of impedes your career:

puts you in a subordinate position in the family and at work

doesn’t allow you to open up and achieve success, although you have all the data.

take a wait and rely on others ‘ decisions.

. and your happiness:

you are afraid of change and don’t even dare to dream about to afford anything more

lay cherished desire and journey to better times, which is not all come…

Perhaps others notice your insecurities and enjoy the fact that you are not able to decisively reject or to require their own, and all your efforts to meet their expectations, take for granted.

Remember Cinderella? She was not only good and modest, but also very convenient for everyone. besides yourself.

Or have you learned to hide my insecurities, exhausting themselves with infighting and taking in mind the endless monologues, soothing and trying to convince yourself before each step. However, this does not solve the problem – inside the uncertainty eats away at you even stronger. Panic attacks, dissatisfaction…

And despite this constant struggle, your insecurity is still visible!

Constrained movement, sluggish posture, intense stare, obsessive gestures, barely audible speech – not hide them. Are these not the signs of insecurity you notice in children? Because they have not learned how to pretend to be confident and to hide your fears.

What do you feel when you notice how the uncertainty grows in your children?

Not even when faced with real obstacles, your child

already doubt myself,

afraid to try something new, “what if I fail?”

avoids contact with other children, “what if they don’t want to play with me?”

hides for your own laziness or shyness.

And you’re afraid it will hurt him in life, as has prevented you…

But why your child should sit in a corner and wait to be summoned into the game?

Why he should be embarrassed and ashamed, when he is asked?

Why does he have to be afraid to answer the Board?

And most importantly, think about what it will bring when he grows up?

You know, the insecurities literally binds his hands and feet, and understand how difficult it is to go through life, not to mention how to succeed…

After all, your child deserves better! And surely sooner or later he will learn to overcome his shyness and shyness… You have made this journey and know that it is possible. But how many internal barriers he would have to break to become happy and successful?

And who but a mother can help a child now, freeing him from the emotional wounds caused by shyness and self-doubt?

It’s simple – confident mother will grow into a self-confident child!

You ask: isn’t the insecure mother can’t raise a confident child? Want to learn the most typical misconceptions on this?

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