25 inexpensive ways to entertain the kids all summer

When­du­mA­left­th­tion for your child — an invaluable experience. Especially when it can be done without spending a lot of money. Pre­La­guy you under­Borca novel­tion, but at the same time, Pro­purity STRs­co­BOV to do with children.

1. ETS­Lite from glue­coy tape for road machines.

2. Out­tape also can be used­WA­tain as al­Ter­­the resource Mel­Cam. “Races­cher­Titus” field for clas­si­cov or any o­Goy game — it’s a long time hon­met your child.

3. Several sponges for dishes and a pair of color­tion Mel­cov — everything you need for impro­VI­ze­ro­van­tion Tur­ner dart.

4. Remember paper­tions dolls for cutting­for­nia, for koto­eye in­La­ha­times were­but­­­clothing and ser­su­ary? You can ETS­lat game in re­ode­VA­tion is a little more realistic.

5. Bursts of light energy­VA­u­ing­yosia packages with Kras­coy pre­t­that the roads near your home in real­I­ing Pro­of­ve­de­tion of art.

To make the best of­lat color­ing Baume­barrels, you will need:

packages with Zam­com Zip-lock;

cook­RUz­tion of the starch;

food­howl CRA­si­tel or watercolor;



paper­ing Polo­tence or napkins.

CME­site crash­Mal, vinegar and CRA­si­tel and filled­neath CME­sue packets by one third. Then sprinkle baking soda in sulphur­Dean Sal­Fedi and SFOR­mi­it from Baume­barrel. Polo­residents in the package Baume­barrel and tightly Zap­CA­make a package. Then horo­Senko shake­neath contain­Gy­my. The package the initial­no vsdu­used and in a few minutes the Pro­iza­det explosion, koto­ing okra­Sith street raduz­governmental paints.

6. Inte­RES­ing and CRA­op­ing drawings semi­will contribute, if RISO­tain food­you CRA­si­te­LEM on the Jew­com the glue.

In Kutch­as “Hal­hundred” can be used­WA­tain PLA­STI­to­ries of cover from the CME­tan or cheese.

7. Another STRs­FDS cognition­to­mit child with creative ways­th­ETS using bubble­CA­ies paquet­ing CRA­juice and Wat­mana (podoy­children and one hundred­ing a piece of Wallpaper):

8. ETS­Lite bra­sent to ball games bast­their hands.

You pona­to­pumping bra­sent, rope, knife­nice, Mar­kehr and Scotch.

9. Build a tower of pore­y­tion of sponges.

This employment­ment at the time CSS­Coit races­Shu­MEB programme­STO­gosia child.

10. ETS­bark river foil and water bottles.

11. When­mA­Pete the sleeve from paper­tion Polo­tence to the wall. Get a lift.

12. If you have the head­strength piece mesh­to­guilt ” ETS­Lite it a canvas for embroidery.

This employment­ment will be useful for times­VI­TIA Mel­coy motor skills.

13. Remember, as you RISO­Wali in det­as palocz­kami in the sand? To vos­Pro­of­ve­STI is the know­ment of the house, used a­Syama box, filled­nen­ing Saha­rum, and a pencil.

Can races­PE­CA­to read the letters and ask­city child re­ri­­you­tain them.

14. Time­beat Pala­point­tion Goro­Doc. And don’t forget time­ve­STI “fire”.

15. ETS­Lite reac­tiv­tion of the who­shower­tion ball.

You pona­to­batsa:

rope or twine (about 2 meters);

the who­shower­tion of the ball;

2 chairs;

solo­minka for cocktails;



The NAT­neath the rope between the two STU­Lami, pre­VA­ri­tive Pro­the virgins in her solo­minkoo. Inflate the who­shower­tion of the ball (but not wilted­I­white) and for­mA­Pete cattle­than to solo­mink. Vacation­Kai ball. and triggering­Kai missile!

16. Arrange Domash­tions Tur­NIR bowling from under­man­tion items.

17. Skillfully­crepe­len­tion thr rope­Vit your children Fe­ETS­tain themselves as superheroes.

18. Polo­keep the soap in Mick­ro­ox­free and hearth­Rita your child soap­ing the cloud.

19. Arrange compete­but­VA­tion on ten­Nisa with pomo­using one­RA­WA­o tar­Locke, Palo­check from Moro­same­tion and who­shower­tion of the ball.

Most chapters­tion, with the ball you do not Fig­ku­ete time­beat Famil­ing a vase.

20. Building­babe “pow­Tina” glue­tion of the tape.

In Kutch­as sleep­PI­Dov can use­WA­tain the balls of one hundred­number of Newspapers.

21. If POS­in­acting as GABA­Rita kvar­shooting ranges — pre­t­Titus’est­Ian hill.

22. ETS­Lite raduz­ing snake from soap­tion of bubbles.

You pona­to­batsa:

PLA­STI­to­Wai bottle;


glue­Kai tape;

food­ries dyes;

media­ETS dishwashing.

Cut off the bottom of the bottle and the NAT­neath sock on the floor­sustainable­Shu­call the hole. The close­Pete sock using glue­tion of the tape. Cap­neath toe food­you CRA­si­te­LEM. CME­site media­ETS dishwashing with small­PWM Cauley­th­ETS of water. CMO­neath toe into the mix and starting­knight destroyed­tain raduz­ing bubbles.

23. Another time­left­th­tion with soap­governmental bubbles.

So ETS­lat giant­ski soap­ing bubbles, you pona­to­batsa soap­tion of races­Shuttle “Nada­VA­tel­tion device­ETS”, in Kacha­as koto­cerned can use­WA­tain shM­in­STI­th­ski wrap or two sticks with a rope.

24. ETS­Lite toy Kapitoshka, filled­Niamh who­shower­ing the balls with flour.

25. POS­Wolte your child to become sprinkler­no­rum FDS­governmental­clothing.

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